Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rise Above the Rest: A Woman's Guide to Holistic Self-Empowerment

Introducing Dr. Keriomi Timpson-Bey's book preview:  “Rise Above the Rest:  A Woman's Guide to Holistic Self-Empowerment”  This amazing contribution offers a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to creating the life you want and  deserve. This book is dedicated to women of all ages seeking physical, emotional,  mental, or spiritual healing. Dr. Keriomi  Timpson-Bey presents provocative and  inspiring stories geared to invoke inner-transformation and liberation for women suffering from past trauma, abuse,  grief and loss, depression, anxiety, stress,  divorce and separation, single-parenting,  and spiritual deprivation. Dr. Timpson-Bey  triumphantly takes you on a motivational journey geared towards self-discovery and  self-mastery by introducing creative spiritual life principles aimed at developing  mental and emotional wellness, overcoming  adversities, discovering your life purpose, creating healthier relationships, and  reducing stress through meditation and  prayer. Her personal journey is one  marred in tragedy, abuse, loss, and pain; however, she refused to cow down to the circumstances of the past, not allowing it to  dictate her destiny. Dr. Timpson-Bey  embarked upon a journey of self-discovery  and self-mastery, learning to transcend  pain into unlimited power beyond  imaginations. Dr. Keriomi Timpson-Bey is  a prominent renowned online Certified Life  Coach located at Her goal is to inspire, motivate, and  empower women all across the globe to  rise above their circumstances, heal from their wounded pasts, realize their own unlimited possibilities, achieve ultimate  success, and live an abundant life! This  book is her offering to all women seeking  their own voice and their own spiritual  truths to Rise Above the Rest. 
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